1.2 Craft and Structure

Elements of Prose

Prose is the normal language (sentences and paragraphs) people use when writing or speaking. It is not poetry and does not have a meter or rhythmical pattern.

Magazine articles, encyclopedias, and essays are all written in prose. Stories are also usually written in prose.

Read the story below. Then click on the elements of prose to learn how each is represented in the story “Art Camp.”

Art Camp

“I’m worried about art camp. I won’t know anyone there,” Brian said.
“Don’t worry about it,” his mom said. “You’ll see. It’ll be fine.”
When Brian walked into the camp meeting room, he swallowed hard. Most of the tables were full of kids talking and laughing with each other. There was only one spot open, and it was at a table way in the back.

There were three other kids at the table—Alex, Kenya, and Mike. They all knew each other, but they were happy to talk to Brian, too. Brian no longer felt nervous. By the time he went home, he knew he had a new set of friends for the summer.


The Elements of Prose

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