6.1 Conventions of Standard English

Use Resources to Check Spelling

  • One way to check the spelling of words is in school. For instance, you might look at a word wall. A word wall is usually a large chart that has vocabulary words or other words listed on it. You can look at posters, charts, and pictures that are displayed in your classroom too.
  • You can also use a beginning dictionary to look up how to spell words. Remember that the words listed in a dictionary, called entry words, are listed in ABC order. You will need to use other strategies to figure out the first letter or letters in the word you would like to look up. Then use the guide words at the top of each dictionary page to help you find your word. The guide words are the first and last entry words on the page. Decide whether your word falls between the guide words in ABC order.
  • You can use spell-check on a computer. But remember that
    spell-checkers aren’t perfect! If you write a word that sounds like the word you need, spell-check will not catch the mistake.
  • Another resource you can use to check the spelling of words is a word list. To create a word list, write down words you find difficult to spell. You might use a notebook or a set of note cards to create this resource. You can organize your words in ABC order or by spelling rules.

Now practice using resources to check spelling.
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