3.2 Fluency

Read with Purpose and Understanding

When you see a new passage, read it to yourself.
As you read, try to figure out what the passage is about.
You want to understand the passage. To check that you
understand it, ask yourself these questions:

    • What is the topic?
    • What is the passage about?

If you understand the passage, you can figure out the
purpose of the writing. Authors write to entertain, inform,
or persuade their readers. The purpose helps you know how
to speak when you read the passage out loud.

    • For example, if the purpose is to entertain people with
      a happy story, you should speak in a cheerful voice.

To help you identify the purpose, ask yourself these questions:

    • Why did the author write this?
    • How does the purpose affect the way I speak?

Now listen and learn about reading
with purpose and understanding.
Click the Listen and Learn link below.

Listen and Learn

Now read below to practice fluency.


    • Click on each of the practice links below.
    • Choose and print one of the fluency passages.
    • Read the passage silently to yourself.
    • Then practice reading the passage aloud.
    • When you are ready, read the passage aloud to a partner.
    • Focus on reading with purpose and understanding.
      Ask yourself these questions:

      • What is the topic of the passage?
      • What is the purpose of the passage?
      • How will the topic and purpose affect the way I read?


The Poster Contest

The Mouse and the Lion


Real-Life Heroes

Who Has Seen the Wind?


My Tree

The Blue Whale

After you have practiced, go back to the Main Page
to learn more about reading with fluency.