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Clean Up Our Watershed! (p. 336)

Step 1. Questions

A watershed is a land area that drains into streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. Some watersheds drain into the ocean. Many kinds of wildlife depend on the water from watersheds, but many of our watersheds are polluted. What can people do to help clean up pollution?

Write a persuasive essay in which you urge people to help clean up watersheds. To argue your point effectively, you will research watersheds and the methods people can use to make them less polluted. Here are some questions to guide your research:
  • Why are watersheds important?
  • How do pollutants enter watersheds?
  • How can people clean up polluted watersheds?
  • What reasons are likely to persuade people to help keep water clean?
Are you ready? Begin by visiting the Web sites in Step 2. Look for answers to the questions above, and write down what you learn in the note-taking boxes.

With teacher supervision, you may use search engines to research other Web sites. You also can research watersheds at the library. When you are ready, follow Steps 3 and 4 to write your essay.

Step 2. Research

Research answers to the questions you were asked in Step 1. Visit these Web sites. Take notes about them on this page, too!

Toolbox Tip: Click here to learn how to tell whether a Web site is reliable.

Adopt Your Watershed
The Environmental Protection Agency put together this Web page. Learn some basic information about watersheds and pollution.
Take Notes:

Polluted Runoff
A major source of pollution in watersheds is runoff. This pollution, also called nonpoint source pollution, comes from many different places. On this Web site from the EPA, you will find a lot of information and activities about nonpoint source pollution. Click WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? to begin learning. Try clicking the other boxes on the main site, too.
Take Notes:

Clean Water Tips
This Web site has some great tips on how to keep water clean. Click RIVER CARE TIPS to learn even more. Click MARK THE STORM DRAINS to learn how every effort helps.
Take Notes: